Mills Capital Group se alía con Pineywoods Realty

The partnership provides Pineywoods with a global clientele and increases foreign investing in the Tampa Bay area

TAMPA, Fla., April 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Pineywoods, an all-in-one real estate solution for agents, property managers, buyers and sellers, recently announced that Mills Capital Group, an Argentinian financial services firm, will become a minority investor in the Pineywoods platform providing the Tampa-based company with a new global client base. The partnership will enable Mills Capital Group’s clientele to invest in the Tampa Bay area through the Pineywoods platform’s real estate offerings.

“Our platforms are strongly aligned in terms of our strategic approach to growth, company culture and personalized customer service, making this partnership a ‘win-win’ for both firms,” said Brian Katz, CEO and Founder of Katz Capital, the holding company for the Pineywoods brands. “Mills Capital Group benefits by offering its clients a real estate platform in which it has ownership here in the U.S., and Pineywoods benefits through an expanded customer reach.”

The fast-growing Pineywoods brand acts as a catch-all for real estate needs. The company offers divisions for real estate, property management, title, insurance, mortgage and capital services – helping customers and investors accomplish all of their real estate and transactional needs under one roof, with one trusted partner.

“The Tampa market is interesting – it’s growing a lot and attracting investors from all over the United States and abroad,” said Carlos Krigun, Director of Mills Capital Group. “With clients currently in Argentina, and Europe, partnering with Pineywoods gives us a foundation for a strong investment foothold in the United States. Tampa’srecent population growth makes investing in real estate through Pineywoods much more attractive for our clients looking to buy or sell in the U.S.”

Much like Pineywoods, Mills Capital Group is a holding company with a boutique profile that promotes economic development through its tailored financial tools in lending, capital markets, research, securities, asset management, and real estate investment.

Katz and Krigun previously worked together at Goldman Sachs in New York City in 2006 before each departed to pursue similar business interests and eventually establish their own firms. The Mills Capital Group’s investment in Pineywoods marks the first business partnership between the two firms.

More about Pineywoods Brands
Pineywoods brands, named after the native Florida cattle, are an all-in-one real estate solution that offers an entrepreneurial and efficient approach for agents, property managers, buyers and sellers. Headquartered in Tampa, Fla., the platform acts as a catch-all for real estate needs covering five lines of affiliated business: Pineywoods Realty, Pineywoods Title, Pineywoods Insurance, Pineywoods Mortgage and Pineywoods Capital.

More about Mills Capital Group
Founded in 2014, Mills Capital Group is a holding company that promotes economic development through a complete financial services platform, including lines of business for financial services, capital markets, research, asset management and real estate investment. The firm currently operates throughout Argentina, and Europe. Its mission is to provide strategic, personalized solutions that help accomplish each of their clients’ specific business goals.